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  • Lishu Wang
  • Proceedings of the 29th Chinese Control…
  • 2010
This paper designed and established gathering diagnosis system model utilized the pattern recognition and the computer vision imagery processing technology. Carries on the nitrogen element to the soybean leaf blade to lack, the excessive non-destructive inspection principle and the flow, when the plant lacks the nitrogen, the leaf blade from the leaf margin(More)
The potential of nine fungal strains for pre-treating Eucommia ulmoides Oliver seed shells (EUOSSs) was investigated. Phanerochaete chrysosporium Burds. was found to be the best fungal strain for pretreating EUOSSs. After co-pre-treatment with acetic acid and P. chrysosporium Burds., which was cultivated in a solid state with an approximately 74% moisture(More)
This paper proposes a novel AC/DC/AC voltage source converter without or with a quite small dc-link capacitor. Because an advanced modulation wave reconstruction-SPWM (AMWR-SPWM) technique is adopted which can greatly eliminate the harmonics of output voltage, the DC filter capacitor is greatly decreased or even removed. In addition, the size of the input(More)
It is being envisaged that a wide variety of applications can be running on vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) in the near future. The coexistence of these applications suggests that they will be competing for the use of the wireless medium. That easily leads to severe congestion and even “hotspot” problem in high traffic density urban(More)
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