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Heinrich, K., L. Wu and L. Zhu, Incomplete self-orthogonal latin squares ISOLS(6m + 6, 2m) exist fo all m, Discrete Mathematics 87 (1991) 281-290. An incomplete self-orthogonal latin square of order v with an empty subarray of order n, an ISOLS(v, n) can exist only if v 2 3n + 1. We show that an ISOLS(6m + 6, 2m) exists for all values of m and thus only the(More)
It has been reported that certain microalgae have the ability to cause various negative effects on pelagic calanoid copepods. However, whether such pelagic microalgae have similar negative effects on benthic copepods has had little attention. The results of the present study indicated that both benthic naupliar and copepodite stages of the harpacticoid(More)
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