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OBJECTIVE Solid-state high-resolution manometry (HRM) is fast becoming the gold standard for studying pharyngeal and esophageal motility. However, very few studies have ever evaluated the effect of bolus volume on the physiology of swallowing using HRM. We aimed to determine the effect of bolus volume on pressure, duration and velocity of the hypopharynx as(More)
The mechanisms leading to virus-specific CD8+ T cell dysfuction in chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection remain to be elucidated. Our study focused on the role of transcription factor T-bet in HBV infection because it is a crucial regulator of T cell immunity. We assessed the expression of T-bet along with PD-1, IFN-γ and perforin, in HBV-specific CD8+(More)
BACKGROUND Continuous theta burst stimulation (cTBS) and intermittent TBS (iTBS) are powerful patterns of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), with substantial potential for motor function rehabilitation post-stroke. However, TBS of suprahyoid motor cortex excitability has not been investigated. This study investigated TBS effects on(More)
Using a structural vector auto-regression (SVAR) model which contains four variables, the actual money supply, the real interest rate, the exchange rate and the real national income, to estimate the effect of china's monetary policy from 1995 to 2009. With the vector autoregressive analysis, Johansen Co-integration Test, Granger causality test and impulse(More)
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