Lishan He

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OBJECTIVE Autophagy is activated in ischemic heart diseases, but its dynamics and functional roles remain unclear and controversial. In this study, we investigated the dynamics and role of autophagy and the mechanism(s), if any, during postinfarction cardiac remodeling. METHODS AND RESULTS Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) was induced by ligating left(More)
Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) is suggestive of a molecular target for cancer therapy due to its involvement in cell cycle, differentiation, and morphogenesis. Meanwhile, survivin is identified as an apoptosis inhibitor and involved in tumorgenesis. Here, we aimed to investigate the potential associations between TGF-β and survivin in glioblastoma(More)
Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) plays an indispensable role in malaria control and elimination. However, the circulation of counterfeit, substandard drugs has greatly threatened malaria elimination campaigns. Most methods for the analysis of artemisinin and its derivatives require expensive equipment and sophisticated instrumentation. A(More)
Artemether is one of the artemisinin derivatives that are active ingredients in antimalarial drugs. Counterfeit and substandard antimalarial drugs have become a serious problem, which demands reliable analytical tools and implementation of strict regulation of drug quality. Structural similarity among artemisinin analogs is a challenge to develop(More)
Rice false smut is an emerging and economically-important rice disease caused by infection by the fungal pathogen Villosiclava virens. Ustiloxin B is an antimitotic cyclopeptide mycotoxin isolated from the rice false smut balls that formed in the pathogen-infected rice spikelets. A monoclonal antibody (mAb) designated as mAb 1B5A10 was generated with(More)
BACKGROUND Good-quality artemisinin drugs are essential for malaria treatment, but increasing prevalence of poor-quality artemisinin drugs in many endemic countries hinders effective management of malaria cases. METHODS To develop a point-of-care assay for rapid identification of counterfeit and substandard artemisinin drugs for resource-limited areas, we(More)
Our previous study demonstrated that an impaired sonic hedgehog (Shh) pathway contributed to cardiac dysfunc-tion in type 1 diabetic mice with myocardial infarction (MI). The present study aimed to test the hypothesis that oxidative stress may contribute to the impaired Shh pathway and cardiac dysfunction in type 1 diabetic mice with MI.(More)
The adoption of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications started in the early 1990s in the US and Europe. Although many researchers have studied the critical success factors (CSFs) or developed implementation framework to guide the deployment of the complex IT projects, there have been many failed implementations. The implementation of ERP systems in(More)
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