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TRAF6 plays a crucial role in the regulation of the innate and adaptive immune responses. Although studies have shown that TRAF6 has oncogenic activity, the role of TRAF6 in melanoma is unclear. Here, we report that TRAF6 is overexpressed in primary as well as metastatic melanoma tumors and melanoma cell lines. Knockdown of TRAF6 with shRNA significantly(More)
Binuclear polypyridine ruthenium compounds have been shown to slowly intercalate into DNA, following a fast initial binding on the DNA surface. For these compounds, intercalation requires threading of a bulky substituent, containing one Ru(II), through the DNA base-pair stack, and the accompanying DNA duplex distortions are much more severe than with(More)
Melanoma is a very malignant disease and there are still no effective treatments. CD147 participates in the carcinogenesis of multiple human cancers and GLUT-1, as a glucose transporter, is associated with tumor growth. However, the function of CD147 and GLUT-1 in melanoma have not been completely understood. Thus, in this study we investigated the(More)
Loss-of-function mutations in filaggrin gene (FLG; OMIM #135940) have been reported to cause the semi-dominant keratinizing disorders such as ichthyosis vulgaris (IV; OMIM #146700) and atopic dermatitis (AD; OMIM #605803). Recent linkage analysis and immunohistochemical studies suggest the possible contribution of FLG to psoriatic susceptibility. However,(More)
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