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This paper presents a new framework for users to select relevant data from an XML document and store it in an existing relational database, as opposed to previous approaches that shred the entire XML document into a newly created database of a newly designed schema. The framework is based on a notion of XML2DB mappings. An XML2DB mapping extends a (possibly(More)
BACKGROUND Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a severe cardiac condition that causes high mortality. Many genes have been confirmed to be involved in this disease. An ideal system with which to uncover disease mechanisms would be one that can measure the changes in a wide range of cardiac activities associated with mutations in specific, diversely functional(More)
This article demonstrates a combined instrument of two imaging modalities to acquire information on cardiac function in larval Drosophila melanogaster: optical coherence tomography (OCT) and laser scanning fluorescence microscopy (LSFM). For this purpose, a dedicated imaging instrument able to sequentially provide cross-sectional OCT and C-scan LSFM images(More)
cooler conditions and stormier weather. To interpret these changes, we measured recruitment, growth and production of tetraspores at sheltered and exposed sites in 2012–2014, years which had low and high spring temperatures. Potential spore production was greater at the sheltered site due to a longer growing period and survival of larger fronds. Delayed(More)
We present a novel low-coherence interferometer configuration, equipped in each arm with an adjustable optical path length ring. By compensating for the losses in the rings using semiconductor optical amplifiers, interference of low-coherence light after traversing the two rings 18 times is obtained. This configuration is employed to demonstrate(More)