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Two longitudinal studies were used to examine the occurrence and consequences of peer deviancy training during childhood and the relative role of early covert antisocial behavior in risk for antisocial behavior in early adolescence. Peer deviancy training was apparent in a sample of at-risk first grade children, and it showed persistence and increased(More)
Effects of intervention with the Oregon model of Parent Management Training (PMTO) on marital relationship processes and marital satisfaction in recently married biological mother and stepfather couples were examined. Sixty-seven of the 110 participating families were randomly assigned to PMTO, and 43 families to a non-intervention condition. Intervention(More)
In the 1980-81 academic year, the Morehouse School of Medicine implemented a preceptorship program designed to introduce preclinical students to primary care. The program is unique in that it is required for all first- and second-year students; it is continuous throughout the first two years of medical school; it exposes students to a variety of primary(More)
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