Lisette Kanse

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It's about time we align: meeting deadlines in project teams / by Josette M.P. Gevers. Acknowledgements Finally, this project is finished. It has taken me quite a while and I would not dare say that I met the deadline, but it has been a great experience, very educational and highly enjoyable. This is, above all, to the credit of those who stood by me and(More)
4 Dit proefschrift is goedgekeurd door de promotoren: Acknowledgements This PhD-project has been very instructive and inspiring. I consider it a great privilege that I have had the opportunity to do it. Many people have supported me during this research project and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them, although I fear the following(More)
Recovery uncovered: How people in the chemical process industry recover from failures / Preface As with many things in life, the idea of doing a PhD had to grow on me for a while, before I realized that this definitely was the way to go. On the road to making it happen, I have been helped by a lot of people. In the first place by my supervisor Tjerk van der(More)
The paper outlines a systemic approach to understanding and assessing safety capability in the offshore oil and gas industry. We present a conceptual framework and assessment guide for understanding fitness-to-operate (FTO) that builds a more comprehensive picture of safety capability for regulators and operators of offshore facilities. The FTO framework(More)
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