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BACKGROUND Patients' non-adherence to medical treatment remains a persistent problem. Many interventions to improve patient adherence are unsuccessful and sound theoretical foundations are lacking. Innovations in theory and practice are badly needed. A new and promising way could be to review the existing reviews of adherence to interventions and identify(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients experience difficulties in following treatment recommendations. This study's objective is to identify nonadherence risk profiles regarding medication (antidepressants, antihypertensives, and oral hypoglycemics) from a combination of patients' socio-demographic characteristics, morbidity presented within general practice and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the extent to which the family influences individual use of general practitioner care. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study of all consultations in one calendar year. Multilevel modelling was used to analyse contact frequencies of individuals within families within practices. SETTING General practice in the Netherlands. PARTICIPANTS(More)
BACKGROUND The intensity of the use of antidepressants in large populations can nowadays relatively easily be estimated using databases encompassing prescription data. There are shortcomings when using prescription databases as they contain no clinical data on patient illness. Antidepressants are prescribed for different illnesses, thus information on the(More)
BACKGROUND In pre-school children a diagnosis of asthma is not easily made and only a minority of wheezing children will develop persistent atopic asthma. According to the general consensus a diagnosis of asthma becomes more certain with increasing age. Therefore the congruence between asthma medication use and doctor-diagnosed asthma is expected to(More)
BACKGROUND Ethnic differences in health care utilisation are frequently reported in research. Little is known about the concordance between different methods of data collection among ethnic minorities. The aim of this study was to examine to which extent ethnic differences between self-reported data and data based on electronic medical records (EMR) from(More)
BACKGROUND A growing number of countries are introducing some form of nurse prescribing. However, international reviews concerning nurse prescribing are scarce and lack a systematic and theoretical approach. The aim of this review was twofold: firstly, to gain insight into the scientific and professional literature describing the extent to and the ways in(More)
PURPOSE Headaches and abdominal pain are examples of minor ailments that are generally self-limiting. We examined the extent to which patterns of visits to family physicians for minor ailments, such as headaches or abdominal pain, cluster within families. METHODS Using information from the Second Dutch National Survey of General Practice for 96 family(More)
OBJECTIVES Continuous provision of appropriate medicines of assured quality, in adequate quantities, and at reasonable prices is a concern for all national governments. A national medicines policy (NMP) developed in a collaborative fashion identifies strategies needed to meet these objectives and provides a comprehensive framework to develop all components(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate and compare the effectiveness of 2 pictograms in communicating risk in terms of respondents' level of understanding, estimated level of driving risk, and intention to change driving behavior. The added value of a side-text was also investigated. METHODS Two experiments were conducted among 270 drivers visiting a pharmacy. Experiment(More)