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One hypothesis for the etiology of Parkinson's disease (PD) is that subsets of neurons are vulnerable to a failure in proteasome-mediated protein turnover. Here we show that overexpression of mutant alpha-synuclein increases sensitivity to proteasome inhibitors by decreasing proteasome function. Overexpression of parkin decreases sensitivity to proteasome(More)
A major challenge for clinicians treating (arterio) venous leg ulcers is to decide between standard therapy and advanced interventions. Here, we developed a simple method to collect human material representative of the ulcer wound bed, which can be used to identify biomarkers for prognostic test development. Superficial surgical debridement was performed(More)
Synphilin-1 has been shown to interact with alpha-synuclein, which in turn is associated with Parkinson's disease. However, the function of synphilin-1 is unknown. We have cloned mouse synphilin in an attempt to describe conserved and therefore likely functional domains. The deduced amino acid sequence of the protein shows extensive homology with its human(More)
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