Lise Safatly

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The smart behavior of cognitive receivers is based on an efficient spectrum sensing, leading to an opportunistic use of vacant resources. Therefore, an error-free detection of spectrum white spaces is required to enable all the adaptive functionalities of cognitive radios. Practically, the RF tunable frontend is a source of various RF impairments that harm(More)
The design of filter antennas with reconfigurable band stops is proposed. They are meant for employment in ultrawideband cognitive radio (UWB-CR) systems, where unlicensed users communicate using adaptive pulses that have nulls in the bands used by licensed users. Neural networks or circuits implementing the Parks-McClellan algorithm can generate such(More)
In this paper, we will introduce Alamouti SFBC multi-antenna capabilities of Long Term Evolution's downlink channel. Alamouti's simple algorithm will be generalized by using four transmit antennas based on a combination of SFBC and Frequency Shift Transmit Diversity FSTD, and by using MIMO 2×2 transmission scheme. To prove the efficiency of these(More)
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