Lise Menn

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The neural mechanisms underlying the processing of conventional and novel conceptual metaphorical sentences were examined with event-related potentials (ERPs). Conventional metaphors were created based on the Contemporary Theory of Metaphor and were operationally defined as familiar and readily interpretable. Novel metaphors were unfamiliar and harder to(More)
We explore the differences in verb subcategorization frequencies across several corpora in an effort to obtain stable cross corpus subcategorization probabilities for use in norming psychological experiments. For the 64 single sense verbs we looked at, subcategorization preferences were remarkably stable between British and American corpora, and between(More)
  • N Kenneth, Stevens, Jared Morris Halle, Sheila E Bernstein, Blumstein, Margaret Bullowa +38 others
  • 2009
Zue a. Segmental Aspects of Speech One of our research objectives continues to be to develop a theoretical basis for the phonetic categories or features that appear to be universal in language and to begin to delineate in detail the inventory of these phonetic features and their articulatory and perceptual correlates. During the past year, we have been(More)
  • N Kenneth, Stevens, Sheila E Morris Halle, Margaret Blumstein, William E Bullowa, William L Cooper +26 others
  • 2009
Let us review two earlier experiments in which sounds were alternated between the ears. The first experiment involved the intelligibility of alternated speech. In a typical experiment by Cherry and Taylor, and later by Huggins,2 a continuous speech message was periodically switched alternately to the subject's left and right ears, so that one ear received(More)
This study investigates three factors that have been argued to define "canonical form" in sentence comprehension: Syntactic structure, semantic role, and frequency of usage. We first examine the claim that sentences containing unaccusative verbs present difficulties analogous to those of passive sentences. Using a plausibility judgment task, we show that a(More)
Theories of linguistic representation have been shaped – and handicapped – by a methodological imperative and two invisible and unexamined assumptions. • The imperative is: o be parsimonious o minimize redundancy. • The assumptions are: o The representation of a word in the 'mental lexicon' is a structured list (like an entry in a printed dictionary); this(More)
  • N Kenneth, Stevens, H Dennis, Klatt, B David, Pisonitf +40 others
  • 2009
Preparations have been made to begin taking simultaneous electromyographic and cineradiographic data for use in conjunction with a dynamic model of the tongue.1 These preparations have included running some preliminary audio and cinesynchronization studies on a facility at a nearby hospital and obtaining the assistance of an outside laboratory in taking the(More)
Multilingual aphasias are common because most people in the world know more than one language, but little is known of these syndromes except in patients who have had a stroke. We present a 76-year-old right-handed woman, fluent in English and Chinese, who developed anomia at age 70 and then progressed to aphasia. Functional neuroimaging disclosed mild left(More)
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