Lise-Marie Chamoreau

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Unlike p-dithiobenzoquinone (), which is extremely reactive and has never been isolated, the metal-stabilised p-dithiobenzoquinone [Cp*Ir(eta4-C6H4S2)] () was prepared and used as an efficient organometallic linker to construct novel supramolecular assemblies. Treatment of with the electrophilic Pt(II)(terpy) building blocks produced the supramolecular(More)
As materials science is moving towards the synthesis, the study and the processing of new materials exhibiting well-defined and complex functions, the synthesis of new multifunctional materials is one of the important challenges. One of these complex physical properties is magneto-chiral dichroism which arises, at second order, from the coexistence of(More)
Organosilyl/-germyl polyoxotungstate hybrids [PW(9)O(34)(tBuSiO)(3)Ge(CH(2))(2)CO(2)H](3-) (1a), [PW(9)O(34)(tBuSiO)(3)Ge(CH(2))(2)CONHCH(2)C[triple bond]CH](3-) (2 a), [PW(11)O(39)Ge(CH(2))(2)CO(2)H](4-) (3a), and [PW(11)O(39)Ge(CH(2))(2)CONHCH(2)C[triple bond]CH](4-) (4a) have been prepared as tetrabutylammonium salts and characterized in solution by(More)
POM alert: The incorporation of an amide oxygen atom into the framework of the Dawson-type polyoxometalate (POM) cluster [P(2)V(3)W(15)O(62)](9-) (see picture) allows the communication of electronic effects between the organic and the inorganic parts of the molecule, including fine-tuning of the redox properties of the entire hybrid POM by the organic(More)
A pair of enantiomerically pure quaternary ammonium salts with a chiral side chain, methyl-(R)-(1-methylpropyl)di(n-propyl)ammonium iodide 1 and methyl-(S)-(1-methylpropyl)di(n-propyl)ammonium iodide 2, and the related racemate, methyl-(rac)-(1-methylpropyl)di(n-propyl)ammonium iodide 3, were synthesized through a reductive alkylation procedure, starting(More)
Salicylamidoxime was used to synthesize 13 new polynuclear Mn(III) complexes. We present the crystallographic structures, the magnetic susceptibility and the magnetization measurements of eight of them (1-8) with the general formula [Mn(6)O(2)(H(2)N-sao)(6)(L)(2)(solvent)(4-6)] (L = carboxylate, chloride, 2-cyanophenolate; solvent = H(2)O, MeOH, EtOH, py).(More)
This works introduces hypervalent bis-catecholato silicon compounds as versatile sources of alkyl radicals upon visible-light photocatalysis. Using Ir[(dF(CF3)ppy)2(bpy)](PF6) (dF(CF3)ppy = 2-(2,4-difluorophenyl)-5-trifluoromethylpyridine, bpy = bipyridine) as catalytic photooxidant, a series of alkyl radicals, including highly reactive primary ones can be(More)
Molecular (photo)switch: A W-Co photomagnetic discrete complex can be prepared through the self-assembly of preformed building blocks. [Co(bik)3][{W(CN)8}3{Co(bik)2}3]⋅2 H2O⋅13 CH3CN (see figure) exhibits a thermally-induced electron-transfer-coupled spin transition between the two states: Co(HS)(II)-W(V)↔Co(LS)(III)-W(IV). It also shows photomagnetic(More)