Lise Haddouk

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Cultures differ in the emotions they teach their members to value ("ideal affect"). We conducted 3 studies to examine whether leaders' smiles reflect these cultural differences in ideal affect. In Study 1, we compared the smiles of top-ranked American and Chinese government leaders, chief executive officers, and university presidents in their official(More)
  • Lise Haddouk
  • Studies in health technology and informatics
  • 2014
The concept of relationship has rapidly evolved over the past few years, since the emergence of the internet network and the development of remote communication and exchanges. The emergence of cyberculture with the development of the internet has led to a new representation of the social link, in which communication never stops. In this context, computer(More)
This article discusses a possible use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to interact with another person remotely in a psychotherapeutic framework. We herewith present a tool specifically created for our study using the Internet. This tool is a Web site, which enables professional psychologists to conduct video interviews with their(More)
  • Lise Haddouk
  • Studies in health technology and informatics
  • 2015
Nowadays in the context of the cyberculture, computer-mediated inter-subjective relationships are part of our everyday lives, in both the professional and personal spheres, and for all age groups. In the clinical field, many applications have been developed to facilitate the exchange of informations and mediate the relationship between patient and(More)
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