Lise Bertram

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Most terminally ill patients request information about their remaining life span. Professionals are not generally willing to provide prognosis on survival, even though they are expected to be able to do so from their clinical experience. This study aims to find out whether the standardized instruments Palliative Prognostic Index (PPI) and the Palliative(More)
 We analysed the light-dependent acquisition of competence for adventitious shoot formation in hypocotyls of phytochrome A (fri) and phytochrome B1 (tri) mutants of tomato and their wild type by pre-growing the seedlings under different light quality. The regenerative response in vitro of explants from etiolated seedlings was reduced in comparison to that(More)
The effects of UVB on the kinetics of stem elongation of wild type (WT) and photomorphogenic mutants of tomato were studied by using linear voltage transducers connected to a computer. Twenty-one or twenty-six-day-old plants, grown in 12 h white light (150 μmol m−2 s−1 PAR)/12 h dark cycles, were first transferred to 200 μmol m−2 s−1 monochromatic yellow(More)
Zur Qualitätssicherung und Dokumentation des Behandlungserfolges bzw. des sich ändernden therapeutischen Bedarfs von Palliativpatienten ist v. a. die wiederholte Selbsteinschätzung von Problemen und Symptomen notwendig. In Deutschland wurde MIDOS speziell für Palliativpatienten konstruiert und in einer 2. Fassung als deutsche Version der Edmonton Symptom(More)
We compared the parental age at birth of patients with Alzheimer disease (AD) with that of cognitively healthy control subjects. Within 206 carefully diagnosed AD patients, two groups were distinguished according to the likelihood of carrying a major gene for AD (MGAD). This likelihood was calculated by applying a Bayesian approach which incorporates data(More)
The interactions of phytochrome A (phyA), phytochrome B1 (phyB1) and phytochrome B2 (phyB2) in light-dependent shoot regeneration from the hypocotyl of tomato was analysed using all eight possible homozygous allelic combinations of the null mutants. The donor plants were pre-grown either in the dark or under red or far-red light for 8 days after sowing;(More)
Fiir unsere E u ! e n ist ebenfalls eine Einengung des Lebensraumes elngetreten, wobei d~r W a 1 d k a u z (Strix oluco L.) als HiJhlcnb:iiter am gefiihrdetsten ist, es sei denn, daf~ er sidl notgedrungen zum Freibriiter entwlekclt, wie gelegentlich festgestellt wurde. Nistk/isten diirften auch ihm eine Erleiehterung schaffen. Hinsidatlich des M ~ i u s e b(More)
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