Lise Aksglaede

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OBJECTIVE Recent publications showing unexpectedly early breast development in American girls created debate worldwide. However, secular trend analyses are often limited by poor data comparability among studies performed by different researchers in different time periods and populations. Here we present new European data systematically collected from the(More)
CONTEXT In the 1990s, the American population-based study NHANES III renewed the focus on possible secular trends in male puberty. However, no conclusions could be made on pubertal onset due to the lack of compatible data. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to evaluate secular trends in pubertal onset during the recent 15 yr and their relation to body(More)
The current trends of increasing incidences of testis, breast and prostate cancers are poorly understood, although it is assumed that sex hormones play a role. Disrupted sex hormone action is also believed to be involved in the increased occurrence of genital abnormalities among newborn boys and precocious puberty in girls. In this article, recent(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate body composition and bone mineral content (BMC) in children and adolescents with Klinefelter syndrome (KS). DESIGN Retrospective cross-sectional study. SETTING Tertiary endocrine clinic at the University Hospital, Copenhagen. PATIENTS Eighteen untreated boys with KS and six boys with KS receiving androgen substitution with a(More)
AIM To construct new Danish growth charts for 0- to 20-year-olds and to compare them with Danish references from 1982 and with World Health Organization (WHO) standards for children aged 0-5 years from 2006, by applying similar inclusion and exclusion criteria. METHODS Anthropometric data from three contemporary Danish population-based studies were(More)
The decline in age at puberty in the general population has been paralleled by an increase in the number of girls referred for evaluation of precocious puberty (PP). In 1999, The Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society recommended a lowering of the age limit for evaluation of PP in girls. However, the limited evidence on which these recommendations were(More)
Overgrowth disorders are a heterogeneous group of conditions characterized by increased growth parameters and other variable clinical features such as intellectual disability and facial dysmorphism. To identify new causes of human overgrowth, we performed exome sequencing in ten proband-parent trios and detected two de novo DNMT3A mutations. We identified(More)
BACKGROUND Entering puberty is an important milestone in reproductive life and secular changes in the timing of puberty may be an important indicator of the general reproductive health in a population. Too early puberty is associated with several psychosocial and health problems. The aim of our study was to determine if the age at onset of pubertal growth(More)
CONTEXT Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), which is secreted by immature Sertoli cells, triggers the involution of the fetal Müllerian ducts. AMH is a testis-specific marker used for diagnosis in infants with ambiguous genitalia or bilateral cryptorchidism. AIM The aim of the study was to describe the ontogeny of AMH secretion through life in healthy males. (More)
47,XXY (Klinefelter syndrome) is the most frequent sex chromosomal disorder and affects approximately one in 660 newborn boys. The syndrome is characterized by varying degrees of cognitive, social, behavioral, and learning difficulties and in adulthood additionally primary testicular failure with small testes, hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, tall stature,(More)