Lisbeth S. Laursen

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BACKGROUND Gene duplication is the primary force of new gene evolution. Deciphering whether a pair of duplicated genes has evolved divergent functions is often challenging. The zebrafish is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the process of functional gene evolution due to its amenability to genetic and experimental manipulation and because it(More)
In the developing nervous system, abundant synthesis of myelin basic protein (MBP) in oligodendrocytes is required for the formation of compact myelin sheaths around axons. The MBP mRNA is known to be transported into the processes of oligodendrocytes. However, knowledge of the regulatory mechanisms that ensure the tight temporal and spatial control of MBP(More)
In the central nervous system, myelination of axons is required to ensure fast saltatory conduction and for survival of neurons. However, not all axons are myelinated, and the molecular mechanisms involved in guiding the oligodendrocyte processes toward the axons to be myelinated are not well understood. Only a few negative or positive guidance clues that(More)
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