Lisbeth Mogensen

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Acropora and Porites corals are important reef builders in the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean. Bacteria associated with mucus produced by Porites spp. and Acropora spp. from Caribbean (Punta Maroma, Mexico) and Indo-Pacific (Hoga and Sampela, Indonesia) reefs were determined. Analysis of pyrosequencing libraries showed that bacterial communities from Caribbean(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate how the present Danish diet could be changed in a climate friendly direction that follows the recommendations of a healthy diet. The carbon footprint (CF) of an average Danish diet was calculated and compared to CF of a recommended healthy diet by 1) modifying the average diet according to the Danish food based(More)
Some cows are able to achieve relatively high milk yields during extended lactations beyond 305 d in milk, and farmers may be able to use this potential by selecting the most suitable cows for an extended lactation. However, the decision to postpone insemination has to rely on information available in early lactation. The main objectives of this study were,(More)
The idea of managing cows for extended lactations rather than lactations of the traditional length of 1 yr primarily arose from observations of increasing problems with infertility and cows being dried off with high milk yields. However, it is vital for the success of extended lactation practices that cows are able to maintain milk yield per feeding day(More)
The concept of extended lactation should improve cow health and productivity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions per kg milk produced in high-yield organic dairy herds. This is achieved through fewer calvings per year and hence production of fewer replacement heifers. Combined with fewer days dry per cow per year, this will reduce the annual herd(More)
Environmental trade-offs of pig production systems under varied operational efficiencies G. A. McAuliffe, T. Takahashi, L. Mogensen, J. E. Hermansen, C. L. Sage, D. V. Chapman and M. R. F. Lee 1 Rothamsted Research, North Wyke, Okehampton, Devon EX20 2SB, UK 2 School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Bristol, Langford, Somerset BS40 5DU, UK 3 Department(More)
Our understanding of food waste in the food supply chain has increased, but very few studies have been published on food waste in primary production. The overall aims of this study were to quantify the total amount of food waste in primary production in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and to create a framework for how to define and quantify food waste(More)