Lisbeth Kvam

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to provide knowledge about participation and change in participation among men and women experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain and undergoing multidisciplinary vocational rehabilitation. PARTICIPANTS Six women and four men participating in a vocational rehabilitation intervention. METHOD Data were collected(More)
Introduction The complexity of the process and outcome of vocational rehabilitation yearns for a multifaceted approach. This article investigates whether importance of participation in major life areas for men and women predicts the outcome of vocational rehabilitation. Methods This longitudinal study provides measure points at the start of the intervention(More)
We have studied the effect of retinoids, forskolin and TNF-alpha on two sublines of U937 cells, U937/clone 4 and U937/GTB. Retinoids induced differentiation of U937/clone 4, while the U937/GTB cells were resistant to induction of differentiation by retinoids. Retinoids effectively reduced the proliferation of both U937/clone 4 and U937/GTB, and decreased(More)
PURPOSE To investigate gender differences in the importance of participation in core domains of life, and the association to perceived hindrances for return to work (RTW) before (T1) and after (T2) vocational rehabilitation. METHODS Two hundred-seventy (T1) and 149 (T2) respondents completed the questionnaire. Gender differences in the importance of(More)
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