Lisbeth Daenen

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Neurodevelopmental disorders in medial temporal lobe structures may underlie psychopathological diseases such as schizophrenia and autism. To construct an animal model for these developmental disorders, social and non-social behavioural responses were assessed in rats with ibotenic acid lesions of the (baso-)lateral and central amygdala or ventral(More)
Professional dancers suffer a high incidence of injuries, especially to the spine and lower extremities. There is a lack of experimental research addressing low back pain (LBP) in dancers. The aim of this study is to compare lumbopelvic motor control, muscle extensibility and sacroiliac joint pain between dancers with and without a history of LBP. 40(More)
This study evaluated whether dancers with pain experience more sensory changes during an experimentally induced sensorimotor incongruent task and explored the relationship between sensorimotor incongruence and self-reported measures (e.g., Short Form 36-questionnaire (SF-36), psychosocial variables and physical activity). Forty-four dancers were subjected(More)
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