Lisanework E. Ayalew

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UNLABELLED DDX3 belongs to the DEAD box RNA helicase family and is a multifunctional protein affecting the life cycle of a variety of viruses. However, its role in influenza virus infection is unknown. In this study, we explored the potential role of DDX3 in influenza virus life cycle and discovered that DDX3 is an antiviral protein. Since many host(More)
The use of vaccines is an effective and relatively inexpensive means of controlling infectious diseases, which cause heavy economic losses to the livestock industry through animal loss, decreased productivity, treatment expenses and decreased carcass quality. However, some vaccines produced by conventional means are imperfect in many respects including(More)
The L6 region of bovine adenovirus (BAdV)-3 encodes a spliced protein designated 33K. The 33K specific sera detected five major proteins and three minor proteins in transfected or virus infected cells, which could arise by internal initiation of translation and alternative splicing. The 33K protein is predominantly localized to the nucleus of BAdV-3(More)
The L1 region of bovine adenovirus (BAdV)-3 encodes a non-structural protein designated 52K. Anti-52K serum detected a protein of 40kDa, which localized to the nucleus but not to the nucleolus in BAdV-3-infected or transfected cells. Analysis of mutant 52K proteins suggested that three basic residues ((105)RKR(107)) of the identified domain (amino acids(More)
Inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) is an economically important diseases in broiler chicken industry. Several serotypes of fowl adenovirus (FAdV) can cause IBH, among them, serotype FAdV-8b is associated with the majority of the IBH cases in Canada. Here, we evaluated FAdV-8b virus-like particles (VLPs) and recombinant FAdV-8b fiber proteins (expressed in E.(More)
Previous studies have suggested an important role of the cytokine adjuvant IL-6 in the induction of mucosal immune responses in animals, including mice. Here, we report the in vivo ability of bovine adenovirus (BAdV)-3 expressing bovine (Bo) IL-6, to influence the systemic and mucosal immune responses against bovine herpesvirus (BHV)-1 gDt in calves. To(More)
In recent years, emerging strains of pathogenic arthrogenic avian reovirus (ARV) have become a challenge to the chicken industry across USA and Canada causing significant economic impact. In this study, we characterized emerging variant ARV strains and examined their genetic and antigenic relationship with reference strains. We isolated 37 emerging variant(More)
Earlier, targeting of DDX3 by few viral proteins has defined its role in mRNA transport and induction of interferon production. This study was conducted to investigate the function of bovine adenovirus (BAdV)-3 pVIII during virus infection. Here, we provided evidence regarding involvement of DDX3 in cap dependent cellular mRNA translation and demonstrated(More)
Adenoviruses are non-enveloped DNA viruses that replicate in the nucleus of infected cells. One of the core proteins, named pVIII, is a minor capsid protein connecting the core with the inner surface of the capsid. Here, we report the characterization of minor capsid protein pVIII encoded by the L6 region of bovine adenovirus (BAdV)-3. Anti-pVIII serum(More)
Proteolytic maturation involving cleavage of one nonstructural and six structural precursor proteins including pVIII by adenovirus protease is an important aspect of the adenovirus life cycle. The pVIII encoded by bovine adenovirus 3 (BAdV-3) is a protein of 216 amino acids and contains two potential protease cleavage sites. Here, we report that BAdV-3(More)