Lisamarie Moore

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The SVZ (subventricular zone) contains neural stem cells and progenitors of various potentialities. Although initially parsed into A, B, and C cells, this germinal zone is comprised of a significantly more diverse population of cells. Here, we characterized a subset of postnatal PRPs (PDGF-AA-responsive precursors) that express functional PDGFα and β(More)
Currently, there is no widely accepted technique to efficiently and reproducibly grow stem and progenitor cells in vitro. Stem cells require contact with extracellular matrices as well as signals from growth factors to proliferate and to retain their stemness. We have shown a novel tissue culture platform (StemTrix cultureware) that transforms standard(More)
Episodes of neonatal hypoxia–ischemia (H-I) are strongly associated with cerebral palsy and a wide spectrum of other neurological deficits in children. Two key processes required to repair damaged organs are to amplify the number of precursors capable of regenerating damaged cells and to direct their differentiation towards the cell types that need to be(More)
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