Lisa Wilken

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When 0.1% gentamicin solution was applied to full-thickness skin wounds of dogs, the wounds became smaller by contraction during the first 7 days and continued to contract over the next 14 days. Wounds treated with 0.1% gentamicin cream enlarged during the first 7 days, followed by wound contraction over the next 14 days. The wounds treated with gentamicin(More)
A new in vitro dissolution test apparatus was designed and evaluated. Compressed tablets of drugs representing different solubility characteristics were tested at various air pressures and compared to dissolution patterns of similar tablets by the Levy beaker and USP methods. Air pressure of 46 mm generally was suitable for determining the dissolution rates(More)
Gluconolactone was evaluated as an excipient for tablets prepared by direct compression using various drugs known to be difficult to compress. The physical properties of the tablets were evaluated after compression and after storage and were satisfactory. Comparative studies were conducted between gluconolactone and anhydrous lactose, a common direct(More)
The stability of eseroline, the hydrolysis product of physostigmine under aerobic conditions, was studied by liquid chromatography. A reversed-phase, ion-pair technique was used to separate eseroline from its degradation products. The degradation of eseroline in phosphate buffer solutions of pH 6.91, 7.40, 7.98, 8.41 and 8.94 appears to follow first-order(More)