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The division of cognitive labor is fundamental to all cultures. Adults have a strong sense of how knowledge is clustered in the world around them and use that sense to access additional information, defer to relevant experts, and ground their own incomplete understandings. One prominent way of clustering knowledge is by disciplines similar to those that(More)
Response selection takes time. Hick's law (Hick, 1952) predicts that the time course of response selection is a logarithmic function of the number of equally likely response alternatives. However, recent work has shown that oculomotor responses constitute noteworthy exceptions in that the latencies of saccades (Kveraga, Boucher, & Hughes, 2002) and smooth(More)
Congruent information conveyed over different sensory modalities often facilitates a variety of cognitive processes, including speech perception (Sumby & Pollack, 1954). Since auditory processing is substantially faster than visual processing, auditory-visual integration can occur over a surprisingly wide temporal window (Stein, 1998). We investigated the(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT In Australia, projected shifts in annual average temperature between present day and the year 2030 will be in the order of 0.3 to 1.7°C in many of the viticulture areas. By 2070 the projected increase in annual average temperature in viticultural areas is 0.8 to 5.2°C (Figure 1) (Most major grape growing regions are found within the black(More)
BACKGROUND Acute porphyria and Arnold Chiari malformation are both uncommon genetic disorders without known association. The insidious onset, non-specific clinical manifestations, and precipitating factors often cause diagnosis of acute porphyria to be missed, particularly in patients with comorbidities. CASE REPORT A women with Arnold Chiari malformation(More)
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