Lisa U. Simon

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BACKGROUND At the 2008 inaugural meeting of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH), participants discussed the rapid expansion of global health programs and the lack of standardized competencies and curricula to guide these programs. In 2013, CUGH appointed a Global Health Competency Subcommittee and charged this subcommittee with(More)
Since 1923, more than fifty countries have improved access to dental care by allowing midlevel providers-frequently called dental therapists-to offer preventive and restorative treatment, primarily in the public sector. A growing body of research has found that dental therapists provide high-quality, cost-effective care and improve access to care for(More)
BACKGROUND In the United States, each state has independent licensing standards. Dentists wishing to practice in more than one state must apply to each individually. The goal of this study was to assess whether board-certified oral and maxillofacial radiologists interpreted images taken outside the states in which they were licensed and whether coverage(More)
WhenIwas18yearsold Iwentcamping inthesnowand, throughacombinationofbaddecisions andworse luck, contracted hypothermia. After a long midnight hike of which I have no memory, and a few days of resting under piles of blankets, I recovered with no ill effects. It’s notmuchof a story, really, theway I tell it, and it doesn’t come up often. I(More)
In the United States, vulnerable populations at highest risk for poor oral health are more likely to visit a physician than a dentist. Patients in acute dental pain often present to hospital emergency departments or primary care offices where only palliative care is available. While numerous measures to improve oral health access in the United States are(More)
The paper investigates how an audience can be challenged to 'perform as interface' pointing towards the activation of a certain attitude; an active mind-set which constantly leads the attention back to the experience of our body; to perceive, critically read and make sense of this experience in relation to the interaction with(in) the technologically(More)
The children’s novel Out of the Dust (Hesse, 1997) is an evocative portrayal of the drought and dust storms that devastated Midwestern farms in the 1930s. Through the voice of her 13-year-old narrator, Hesse intertwines history and free verse poetry to create what many readers, including myself, find to be a moving depiction of the Oklahoma Dustbowl(More)
The routine use of standardized diagnostic terminologies (DxTMs) in dentistry has long been the subject of academic debate. This paper discusses the strategies suggested by a group of dental stakeholders to enhance the uptake of DxTMs. Through unstructured interviewing at the 'Toward a Diagnosis-Driven Profession' National Conference held on 19 March 2016(More)