Lisa Traynor

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It is shown that, in the 1{jet space of the circle, the swapping and the flyping procedures, which produce topologically equivalent links, can produce nonequivalent legendrian links. Each component of the links considered is legendrian isotopic to the 1{jet of the 0{function, and thus cannot be distinguished by the classical rotation number or(More)
Theory is developed for linear-quadratic at infinity generating families for Legendrian knots in R3 . It is shown that the unknot with maximal Thurston–Bennequin invariant of −1 has a unique linear-quadratic at infinity generating family, up to fiber-preserving diffeomorphism and stabilization. From this, invariant generating family polynomials are(More)
The ISIS Center at Georgetown University Medical Center has developed a comprehensive program for image-guided procedures in the spine. As part of this program, ISIS has developed a software application known as I-SPINE (ISIS's Spine Procedure Imaging Navigation Engine). I-SPINE is a Windows NT application, which is based on the Analyze/AVM libraries. The(More)
The image of the standard Lagrangian plane in R under a compactly supported symplectomorphism is examined by studying its “slices,” i.e., its intersections with parallel hyperplanes. Numerical invariants calculated from the theory of generating families reveal restrictions on the topology of slices and on relationships between slices at different heights.(More)
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