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Mortality in women who have completed their childbearing may increase with the number of births experienced because of maternal depletion or a trade-off between reproduction and mortality. We report a systematic review of the evidence on this association. We searched Medline, Embase, Popline, and the Science Citation Index for published and unpublished(More)
BACKGROUND Many sub-Saharan countries, including Ghana, have introduced policies to provide free medical care to pregnant women. The impact of these policies, particularly on access to health services among the poor, has not been evaluated using rigorous methods, and so the empirical basis for defending these policies is weak. In Ghana, a recent report also(More)
BACKGROUND Strong associations between delayed initiation of breastfeeding and increased neonatal mortality (2-28 d) were recently reported in rural Ghana. Investigation into the biological plausibility of this relation and potential causal pathways is needed. OBJECTIVE The objective was to assess the effect of early infant feeding practices (delayed(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical characteristics of children who died from diarrhoea in low- and middle-income countries, such as the duration of diarrhoea, comorbid conditions, care-seeking behaviour and oral rehydration therapy use. METHODS The study included verbal autopsy data on children who died from diarrhoea between 2000 and 2012 at seven(More)
BACKGROUND There have been few attempts formally to validate screening measures for postnatal common mental disorder in low income country settings. We have investigated the comparative validity of three different screening approaches in a community-based study in Kintampo, Ghana. METHOD 160 women aged 15-45 years, and 5-11 weeks postpartum were first(More)
BACKGROUND A previous trial in Nepal showed that supplementation with vitamin A or its precursor (betacarotene) in women of reproductive age reduced pregnancy-related mortality by 44% (95% CI 16-63). We assessed the effect of vitamin A supplementation in women in Ghana. METHODS ObaapaVitA was a cluster-randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To examine socioeconomic gradients in mortality in adult women and their husbands in Bangladesh, paying particular attention to the independent effects of the educational status of each spouse. DESIGN Historical cohort study. SETTING Matlab, a rural area 60 km south east of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. PARTICIPANTS 14803 married(More)
A woman's risk of dying is altered during pregnancy and immediately postpartum. Moreover, physiological and social changes associated with pregnancy may have long-term effects on mortality. Comparing these long-term associations among women and their husbands may provide insights into the nature of such a relationship. In this cohort study, we examine the(More)
It has been suggested that bearing sons increases long-term mortality in women, because sons may be more physiologically demanding to produce than daughters. In this historical cohort study in rural Bangladesh, no association between the number of sons born and mortality was seen in women in the unadjusted analyses. However, a significant reduction in(More)
BACKGROUND Women remain at increased risk of mortality for some time after pregnancy although the length of this period is unclear. The aim of this study is to examine mortality after pregnancy in rural Bangladesh using data from a unique demographic surveillance system. METHODS We included all person-time in women aged 15-50 between 1983 and 2001 and(More)