Lisa Scharrer

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Previous research has shown that in different languages ironic speech is acoustically modulated compared to literal speech,and these modulations are assumed to aid the listener in the comprehension process by acting as cues that mark utterances as ironic. The present study was conducted to identify paraverbal features of German 'ironic criticism' that may(More)
Becoming aware of conflicting information is an integral part of comprehending multiple documents on a scientific issue. We examined whether memory for conflicts and its application in an essay task could be enhanced by a combination of reading goals and text signals. Two high-coherence-orienting reading goals (reading to write a summary or an(More)
This study evaluated the use of imagined interactions in speech research, by comparing speech addressed to imaginary speech partners with natural speech addressed to genuine interaction partners. Samples of speech directed to an imaginary infant (IDS), foreigner (FDS) and adult (ADS) produced by ten female students were acoustically analysed and also rated(More)
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