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BACKGROUND Some researchers think that patients with higher expectations for CAM therapies experience better outcomes and that enthusiastic providers can enhance treatment outcomes. This is in contrast to evidence suggesting conventional medical providers often reorient patient expectations to better match what providers believe to be realistic. However,(More)
BACKGROUND Positive patient expectations are often believed to be associated with greater benefits from complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments. However, clinical studies of CAM treatments for chronic pain have not consistently supported this assumption, possibly because of differences in definitions and measures of expectations. The goal of(More)
Collaboration between nations and sectors is crucial to improve regional preparedness against pandemic influenza. In 2008, a Virtual Symposium was organized in the Asia-Pacific region by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Emerging Infections Network (APEC EINet) to discuss pandemic preparedness. The multipoint videoconference lasted approximately 4.5(More)
Performance support is happening where we work and live. Under a tree and at a park bench, in a submarine, at a parent-teacher meeting, in a cubicle, or on the manufacturing floor, people reach beyond themselves for help in doing what needs to be done. The support comes as extensive computer systems, reminders on cellphones, and notes scribbled on old(More)
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