Lisa S. St. John

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INTRODUCTION Although the potential benefits of care coordination are widely recognized, little is known about care coordination in the multidisciplinary spina bifida clinic setting. This study examined several aspects of care coordination in this environment. METHOD We conducted semi-structured interviews with clinic staff (N = 43) and focus groups with(More)
BACKGROUND There are high rates of cognitive problems and organic and functional psychiatric disorders in patients admitted to general hospital wards, which may necessitate the use of psychotropic medications. There is evidence of over-prescription of medications such as antipsychotics and antidepressants in community settings such as residential care.(More)
The recombinant wild-type p53 adenovirus has been proven effective against the growth of human head and neck squamous cell cancer (SCCHN) cell lines iir vitro and in a nude mouse model. The addition of a FLAG peptide sequence was used in this study, along with the p53 adenovirus vector as a marker of the site of the gene therapy activity. It provides clear(More)
Purpose: Immunotherapy targeting aberrantly expressed leukemia-associated antigens has shown promise in the management of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). However, because of the heterogeneity and clonal evolution that is a feature ofmyeloid leukemia, targeting single peptide epitopes has had limited success, highlighting the need for novel antigen discovery.(More)
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