Lisa S. Saldanha

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BACKGROUND From conception to 6 months of age, an infant is entirely dependent for its nutrition on the mother: via the placenta and then ideally via exclusive breastfeeding. This period of 15 months--about 500 days--is the most important and vulnerable in a child's life: it must be protected through policies supporting maternal nutrition and health. Those(More)
INTRODUCTION Newborn health and survival are closely linked to essential newborn care provided within the first days and weeks of an infant's life by parents and caregivers at home and within the community. Newborn care practices are often socially and culturally determined and have been explored in qualitative and formative research related to improving(More)
BACKGROUND Infant and young child feeding practices, including breastfeeding and complementary feeding of children under 2 years old, are crucially influenced by parent and family perceptions and experiences. Given the urgent need to improve nutrition of young children in low- and low-middle-income countries, both for reduction of morbidity and mortality in(More)
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