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BACKGROUND This review was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of management strategies for sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressant medication. METHODS Electronic databases and reference lists were searched, and pharmaceutical companies and experts contacted to identify randomised controlled trials comparing management strategies for(More)
The effects of disability on an aging population's health and welfare are an important issue in gerontological research. The rapid growth of the elderly population and increases in longevity have led to an ongoing debate about whether longer lives can be matched by longer active lives that are free from disability. After a detailed review of current(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual dysfunction (including altered desire, orgasmic dysfunction, erectile and ejaculatory problems) is a relatively common side effect of antidepressant medication. These sexual side effects may compromise a person's lifestyle and result in a lack of compliance with the prescribed antidepressant to the detriment of the person's mental health.(More)
The healthy worker effect (HWE) poses a serious methodological problem to investigators of occupational cohorts in that it may mask mortality excesses that result from occupational exposures. This problem is further complicated by the fact that the strength of the HWE generally varies according to sociodemographic, employment, and time-related factors.(More)
Using data from a survey of elderly persons on Java, we investigate the prevalence of dependency states (functional, economic, and residential) and the implications of dependency status for happiness with old age. Whereas being dependent is common in the later years, many older persons still have dependents. Dependency on kin is not a negative situation in(More)
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