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This paper aims to give practical meaning to 'capacity building' through (a) identifying a suite of practical measures, such as mentoring or best practice guidelines, that have been shown to or are considered to build human, social, institutional, and economic capital; (b) placing these measures within a broader systems framework; and (c) exploring(More)
Although the scope of basic studies in psychopharmacology and psychobiology has been expanding steadily for about 30 years, relatively few clinical psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychopharmacologists now choose to become researchers or teachers in these disciplines. Such training is crucial to the future vitality of both academic and private-practice(More)
The passage of the National Health Planning and Resources Development Act in the United States in 1974 is used to set the context for a new assessment of health planning as a change agent. In reviewing the record of health planning the most striking conclusion is that even its friends have been unable to establish that it has had any quantifiable impact.(More)