Lisa Röthlingshöfer

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Early detection of lung edema for patients suffering from chronic heart disease improves the medical treatment and can avoid committal of the patient to an intensive care unit. Therefore, an early warning system monitoring the amount of fluid in the lungs by measuring trans-thoracic bioimpedance outside the body has been developed. The proposed(More)
This study investigates the feasibility of using bioelectrical impedance measurements to detect the body fluid status. The multi-frequency impedance measurements were performed in combination with an animal experiment with five female pigs. For this purpose, the fluid balances of these animals, which were connected to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation,(More)
The three main influence factors on the interface between textile electrode an skin are: temperature, contact pressure and relative humidity. This paper presents first results of a prototype, which measures these local measurement conditions around textile electrodes. The wearable prototype is a data acquisition system based on a microcontroller with a(More)
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