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The high-affinity radioligand [(18)F]fallypride (FP) is frequently used for quantification of striatal/extrastriatal D(2/3) receptors and the receptor occupancies of antipsychotics (APs). Its 110 minutes half-life allows long scan durations. However, the optimum scan duration is a matter of debate. This investigation focuses on scan-duration-related effects(More)
Adverse skin reactions cover many types of response: toxic, irritant, allergic, urticarial, sensory, etc. The relationships between an individual's tendency to develop different types of skin response are not well-described. We examined whether those who perceive stinging might be more likely to experience urticarial, sensory and irritation reactions in(More)
PURPOSE A penicillin allergy skin-testing service run by pharmacists is described. SUMMARY A board-certified allergist trained pharmacists at a tertiary care teaching hospital to administer penicillin allergy skin tests and interpret the results. A major objective of the service was to avoid unnecessary use of vancomycin and quinolones in patients(More)
Native myosin filaments from rabbit psoas muscle are always 1.5 micrometer long. The regulated assembly of these filaments is generally considered to occur by an initial antiparallel and subsequent parallel aggregation of identical myosin subunits. In this schema myosin filament length is controlled by either a self-assembly or a Vernier process. We present(More)
The uncB402 mutation in Escherichia coli results in formation of an H+-ATPase complex that is defective in energy-transducing capacity. The mutation, originally described by Butlin et al. (Butlin, J.D., Cox, G.B., and Gibson, F. (1973) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 292, 366-375), alters the F0 sector of the H+-ATPase complex. Here, we show that uncB402 is an(More)
1. The survey and the experiment Cultural Changes in the Netherlands is a longitudinal survey in which a representative sample of the Dutch population aged 16 and over is interviewed at regular intervals. The survey was carried out annually until 1998, since when it has been held every two years. The aim of the project is to construct opinion time series.(More)
Mutations in the H+-translocating ATPase complex (F1F0) of Escherichia coli have been described in which aspartyl-61 of the omega subunit ( uncE protein) is substituted by either glycine ( uncE105 ) or asparagine ( uncE107 ). Either substitution blocks the H+-translocation activity of the F0 sector of the complex. Here we report a difference in the effects(More)
The impact of many human variables on the response to skin irritating substances has been studied to varying degrees, including the impact of age, sex, and atopic status. However, the importance of ethnic origin has been more difficult to investigate, leading to a relative paucity of compelling data, either for or against the existence of differences. A(More)
There exists within the population subsets of individuals who display heightened skin reactivity to materials the majority find tolerable. In a series of investigations, we have examined interrelationships between many of the endpoints associated with the term 'sensitive skin'. In the most recent work, 58 volunteers were treated with 10% lactic acid, 50%(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) are responsible for nearly two million childhood deaths worldwide. A limited number of studies have been published on the epidemiology of viral respiratory pathogens in Egypt. METHODS A total of 6113 hospitalized patients >1 month of age with suspected ARI were enrolled between June 23, 2009 and December 31,(More)