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The high-affinity radioligand [(18)F]fallypride (FP) is frequently used for quantification of striatal/extrastriatal D(2/3) receptors and the receptor occupancies of antipsychotics (APs). Its 110 minutes half-life allows long scan durations. However, the optimum scan duration is a matter of debate. This investigation focuses on scan-duration-related effects(More)
1. The survey and the experiment Cultural Changes in the Netherlands is a longitudinal survey in which a representative sample of the Dutch population aged 16 and over is interviewed at regular intervals. The survey was carried out annually until 1998, since when it has been held every two years. The aim of the project is to construct opinion time series.(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) are responsible for nearly two million childhood deaths worldwide. A limited number of studies have been published on the epidemiology of viral respiratory pathogens in Egypt. METHODS A total of 6113 hospitalized patients >1 month of age with suspected ARI were enrolled between June 23, 2009 and December 31,(More)
The elderly patients were underrepresented in outpatient psychotherapy, is returned in the clinical literature on the reluctance and skepticism of psychotherapists. In the study presented here, psychotherapists were asked how they perceive the elderly, the attitudes they have towards them and what factors it depends on how many older people a(More)
OBJECTIVE Undertreating pain and inappropriate use of opioids are potentially harmful to patients. We created a reliable process to discuss the pain plan preoperatively, hypothesizing that it will enhance the safety of opioid administration while improving the quality of pain management. METHODS A multidisciplinary group was convened for a 3-day workshop(More)
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