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Digging into Google Earth: An analysis of ''Crisis in Darfur"
Abstract Google publicists have suggested the Crisis in Darfur is an example of the Google Earth software’s “success at tangibly impacting what is happening on the ground.” Yet whether or not GoogleExpand
Cultures in Orbit: Satellites and the Televisual
In 1957 Sputnik, the world’s first man-made satellite, dazzled people as it zipped around the planet. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, more than eight thousand satellites orbited theExpand
The Bandwidth Divide: Obstacles to Efficient Broadband Adoption in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa
International Journal of Communication 6 (2012), 2467–2491 1932–8036/20120005 Copyright © 2012 (Veljko Pejovic, David L. Johnson, Mariya Zheleva, Elizabeth Belding, Lisa Parks, Gertjan van Stam).Expand
Points of Departure: The Culture of US Airport Screening
For the past several months I have been conducting an experiment at airport security gates, shooting photographs of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) facilities and screeners toExpand
A user-driven free speech application for anonymous and verified online, public group discourse
We present survey-based research and ethnographic interviews of communities vulnerable to censorship conducted in Zambia, Turkey, and Mongolia between 2013 to 2016. Expand
Earth Observation and Signal Territories: Studying U.S. Broadcast Infrastructure through Historical Network Maps, Google Earth, and Fieldwork
This article engages with three different modes of Earth observation—historical network maps, Google Earth interfaces, and fieldwork—to develop the concept of “signal territories” and elucidate aExpand
Life in the Age of Drone Warfare
This volume's contributors offer a new critical language through which to explore and assess the historical, juridical, geopolitical, and cultural dimensions of drone technology and warfare. TheyExpand
From platform jumping to self-censorship: internet freedom, social media, and circumvention practices in Zambia
ABSTRACT This article describes the complex media environment of urban Zambia based on qualitative interviews with 42 active ICT and social media users in Lusaka. After a contextual discussion ofExpand
Satellite Views of Srebrenica: Tele-visuality and the Politics of Witnessing
The images overleaf were taken by US military satellites in July 1995. They reveal alleged mass graves sites in eastern Bosnia, and their public release by the US State Department in August 1995Expand