Lisa Naugle

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We present a multimedia project incorporating music and dance. We used a 3D motion capture system to produce animations from dance and generate the soundtrack from the dancer's movements. Movement analysis is performed to extract the important features of a particular gesture. Based on the parameters chosen from this analysis, various mappings between(More)
Research is currently being conducted at the University of California Irvine to develop novel approaches in music performance and composition generated from dancer’s gestures. We report here specifically the modification of the “Vicon 8” motion capture system to control digital music. This system allows for the capture of a dancer’s movement in 3D. Software(More)
ing at the recent development of Web dances and Internet performances, it appears to me that a dance community has evolved in cyberspace. The emergence of the World Wide Web has led to an upsurge of creative exploration by dance artists as they discover, in ever-increasing numbers, this new technology’s potential. The pervasiveness of information and(More)
In NightDriving, a semi-transparent projection scrim filling the width and height of the stage brings real and virtual dancers into the same field of view. The resulting shared visual space contains two kinds of representation: a “here and now” embodiment of the dance through the live performers, and projected dance film imagery of virtual figures in(More)
We created a performance environment to expand the perceptual experience of dancers and audience, making connections between dance and technology across various dimensions of space and time. The development process for this piece was especially exciting because it involved exploring the expressive potential of dancers with video animation and projection,(More)
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