Lisa Napolitano

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This case study describes a person with mild-to-moderate stage Alzheimer's disease (AD) and examines the relationship between malignant positioning and the ability of a person with AD to gain the cooperation of healthy persons to construct a valued social identity. Findings reveal that malignant positioning limited the person with AD to the embarrassing(More)
The elderly and patients with Performance Status (PS) of 2, constitute the so-called special patient population. The tolerability of chemotherapy in this population is globally worse, and treatment approaches should be different. Platinum-based combination chemotherapy is currently recommended as the standard treatment for patients with advanced(More)
<p>INTRODUCTION: Dermatologists are becoming more aware of the irritant and allergic potential of laundry detergents that incorporate harsh surfactants and potentially sensitizing ingredients. It is difficult however for the physician to distinguish one laundry detergent from another because the only distinguishing feature advertised tends to be the lack of(More)
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