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Patients' satisfaction has become a central concept in quality assurance. Despite progress in research in this area is still a lack of data for geriatric patients. Referring to the consumer model, satisfaction can be described as a difference between expectations and assessed performance. The aim of this study is to analyze satisfaction among geriatric(More)
The aim of the study was to determine whether infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is associated with cognitive impairment beyond the effects of prevalent comorbidities and a history of substance use disorder (SUD). Adult veterans were recruited from the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center into three groups: (1) HCV+/SUD+ (n = 39), (2) HCV+/SUD-(More)
BACKGROUND Specialized methods are necessary to collect data from migrant farmworkers for epidemiologic research. METHODS We developed a questionnaire that collected lifetime occupational histories and other lifestyle risk factors via a life events/icon calendar, and administered the questionnaire to a convenience sample of 162 migrant farmworkers in nine(More)
Die Patientenzufriedenheit ist eine zentrale Kategorie der Qualitätssicherung. Ob sie auch in der Geriatrie gemessen werden kann und zur Aufdeckung von Verbesserungspotentialen geeignet ist, ist jedoch noch wenig erforscht. Diese empirische Studie befasst sich daher mit der Patientenzufriedenheit in einer geriatrischen Klinik und deren Einflussfaktoren. Die(More)
OBJECTIVES The goal of this study was to determine the occupational hazards experienced by children harvesting cocoa in western Ghana in order to design a vocational literacy life skills curriculum and radio social messaging campaign with a safety component to decrease hazardous work exposures in child agricultural work. METHODS An observational analysis(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine whether adults with hepatitis C (HCV), regardless of substance use disorder, are more likely to discount delayed rewards than adults without hepatitis C, and explore the relationship between delay discounting and neuropsychological functioning. METHODS Procedures included clinical interviews, neuropsychological testing, and a delay(More)
BACKGROUND There is little research into the long-term health effects of pesticides and other agricultural exposures among seasonal and migrant farmworkers in the United States. We present results of a feasibility study that established a cohort of farmworkers for use in epidemiologic research. METHODS Subjects consisted of migrant and seasonal(More)
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