Lisa Mei-ling Chuang

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Adiponectin, an adipose tissue-specific plasma protein, was recently revealed to have anti-inflammatory effects on the cellular components of vascular wall. Its plasma levels were significantly lower in men than in women and lower in human subjects with obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, or coronary artery disease. Therefore, it may provide a biological(More)
In the mouse, the SH3P12 or the c-Cbl-associated protein (CAP) has been shown as an important signaling molecule in insulin-stimulated glucose uptake. The human homolog for the sorbin and SH3-domain-containing-1 gene, termed SORBS1, might play a role in human disorders with insulin resistance. To explore the genetic role of SORBS1 in human obesity and type(More)
The goal of this study was to identify risk factors for diabetic peripheral sensory neuropathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Chinese population. Peripheral sensory neuropathy was detected by quantitative sensory testing (5.07/10 g monofilament, neurometer and 128-Hz Riedel Seiffert graduated tuning fork). Those who had two or more abnormal quantitative(More)
Plasma-glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), i.e., an indicator of metabolic control in diabetic patients, was measured and correlated with neuromuscular jitter and fiber density, which were obtained by single-fiber (SF) EMG assessment. Of the 112 diabetic patients who participated in this study, 34 clinically non-neuropathic patients were categorized in group(More)
  • ד‬໚ȑshen, Chen-Yangȑ, +52 authors J Y Chen
  • 2011
2010, " Diverse associations between ESR1 polymorphism and breast cancer development and progression " , " Synergistic effects of polymorphisms in DNA repair genes and endogenous estrogen exposure on female breast cancer risk " , " The clinical implications of MMP-11 and CK-20 expression in human breast cancer " , CLINICAwide association study identifies(More)
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