Lisa Mcdermott

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BACKGROUND The purpose of this research is to develop and evaluate methods for conducting pragmatic cluster randomized trials in a primary care electronic database. The proposal describes one application, in a less frequent chronic condition of public health importance, secondary prevention of stroke. A related protocol in antibiotic prescribing was(More)
During the last decade there has been a huge interest in Grid technologies, and numerous Grid projects have been initiated with various visions of the Grid. While all these visions have the same goal of resource sharing, they differ in the functionality that a Grid supports, characterization , programming environments, etc. In this paper we present a new(More)
In the model room task, children watch as a miniature toy is hidden somewhere in a scale model of a room and are asked to find the larger version of the toy in the corresponding place in the actual room. Previous work has shown that children under age three often perform very poorly on this task. One prominent theory for their failure is that they lack the(More)
life depression is a multifactorial illness that is associated with neurobiological, psychological and social factors. With regard to the neurobiological factors, it is unlikely that depression is simply associated with abnormalities of a single brain region. Rather, it is postulated that depression is associated with disruption of the neural networks that(More)
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