Lisa Marie Vicini

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Recent studies with laboratory animals indicate that a constellation of behavioral factors predict progression to self-administer drugs. Relatively little is known about behavioral or biological factors that predict the progression in drug use from initial experimentation to regular use in human drug users. The present exploratory study examined reactivity(More)
Psychological stress plays an important role in psychopathologies. Laboratory methods have been designed to study stress responses in health and disease. The Trier Social Stress Test is a procedure designed to induce psychosocial stress, but the method is costly in terms of time and personnel requirements. We investigated whether conducting the task with(More)
This study assessed the abuse potential of pagoclone, a partial agonist at the gamma-aminobutyric acid type A (GABAA) benzodiazepine receptor site, in healthy recreational drug users. Twenty-three young adults, who reported past recreational use of sedative drugs or alcohol, participated in 4 sessions during which capsules containing pagoclone (doses: 1.2(More)
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