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Segmental zoster paresis of the left upper limb in a pediatric patient.Segmental zoster paresis is a rare complication of herpes zoster characterized by focal, asymmetrical motor weakness in the myotome that corresponds to the dermatome of the rash. Segmental zoster paresis typically develops within 2-3 wks of cutaneous zoster and predominantly affects the(More)
Spinal tumors are classically grouped into 3 categories: extradural, intradural extramedullary, and intradural intramedullary. Spinal tumors may cause spinal cord compression and vascular compromise resulting in pain or neurologic compromise. They may also alter the architecture of the spinal column, resulting in spinal instability. Oncologic management of(More)
No one likes to deliver bad news, including doctors, who often have to discuss a poor prognosis with patients and their families. The subject of prognosis disclosure has been well-studied in the oncology literature [1-3], but less so in rehabilitation. For many life-limiting diagnoses, cancer and dementia, for example, prognosis disclosure is confounded by(More)
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