Lisa Madsen

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Understory vegetation communities are critical components of forest ecosystems. As a result, the importance of modeling understory vegetation characteristics in forested landscapes has become more apparent. Abundance measures such as shrub cover are bounded between 0 and 1, exhibit heteroscedastic error variance, and are often subject to spatial dependence.(More)
Relationship satisfaction and adjustment have been the target outcome variables for almost all couple research and therapies. In contrast, far less attention has been paid to the assessment of relationship quality. The present study introduces the Relationship Quality Interview (RQI), a semistructured, behaviorally anchored individual interview. The RQI was(More)
Reservoir simulation of $$\hbox {CO}_2$$ CO 2 sequestration, energy recovery, and environmental contamination scenarios must be accompanied by uncertainty quantification. Typically this is done by stochastically modeling porosity and permeability fields, simulating realizations based on the model, and then numerically simulating flow and transport. The(More)
Many animal monitoring studies seek to estimate the proportion of a study area occupied by a target population. The study area is divided into spatially distinct sites where the detected presence or absence of the population is recorded, and this is repeated in time for multiple seasons. However, when occupied sites are detected with probability p < 1, the(More)
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