Lisa M Swanson

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We have provided a translation of Golgi's original paper on the mammalian hippocampus (first published in 1883 and reprinted numerous times), along with a preface on its historical context. Golgi believed that this part of the cerebral hemisphere showed best the exact relationship between nerve cells and nerve fibers, the most important problem in 19th(More)
Using Pierre Bourdieu's theories of social class differentiation and class reproduction, this paper provides an analysis of class-based identity politics in contemporary suburban America. Through a critical ethnography of the emergent, American, upper-middle-class "soccer mom" phenomenon, this study contributes to a growing body of research that(More)
A highly enantioselective and convergent synthesis of cryptophycin 52 (2), an exceedingly potent cytotoxic agent, is described. Cryptophycin 52, a synthetic variant of the cryptophycin family, is currently undergoing clinical trials. The synthesis is convergent and involves assembly of three fragments, phenyl hexenal 3, d-tyrosine phosphonate 4, and(More)
The structure-based design and synthesis of a series of novel nonpeptide HIV protease inhibitors are described. The inhibitors were designed based upon the X-ray crystal structure of inhibitor 1 (UIC-94017)-bound HIV-1 protease. The inhibitors incorporated 3-hydroxysalicyclic acid-derived acyclic and cyclic P2 ligand into the(More)
A series of novel macrocyclic urethanes incorporating a (R)-hydroxyethylamine isostere was designed and synthesized. Ring size and substituent efffects have been investigated. Cyclourethanes containing 14- to 16-membered rings exhibited low nanomolar inhibitory potencies against HIV-1 protease.
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