Lisa M Stevenson

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In three experiments, we examined the sensitivity of information acquisition strategies to the underlying cognitive structure of arithmetic tasks. Previous work has shown that individuals solve arithmetic problems more quickly when they consider operators before operands. The operators establish the goal, and the operands are then assimilated into that(More)
We distributed a questionnaire on personal exercise profiles, attitudes toward exercise, and counseling behavior to a random sample of 200 Vancouver general practitioners. Of the respondents, 39.1% met American College of Sports Medicine guidelines. Personal attitudes influenced counseling practices. Physicians believed that exercise was important and were(More)
Board and care homes for the elderly offer a protective housing option. However limited resources and an increasingly disabled population have put severe stress on these facilities. This study looks at the boundaries of board and care in a California sample by comparing case examples of problem residents who were retained in board and care homes and problem(More)
The temporal tuning hypothesis suggests that individuals adjust the timing of cognitive performances to achieve temporal coordination of mental processes and the data on which they operate, and that this adjustment becomes more precise with practice. Participants in two experiments performed self-paced multiple-step arithmetic tasks in which the information(More)
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