Lisa M Randazzo

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The adaptor protein SETA/CIN85/Ruk is involved in regulating diverse signal transduction pathways, including the internalization of tyrosine kinase receptors via the Cbl ubiquitin ligases, and attenuating PI3K activity by interaction with its regulatory subunit. Here we present evidence for a new aspect of SETA function, based on the initial observation(More)
SETA/CIN85/Ruk is a multifunctional adaptor protein involved in signal transduction and attenuation downstream of receptor tyrosine kinases. It has a modular structure, and various isoforms that combine different protein-protein interaction domains have been proposed based on cDNA analysis. As a first step towards understanding SETA/CIN85/Ruk isoforms at(More)
Orthodontists have long been among the most progressive of the dental specialists, quick to embrace new technologies for enhancing clinical efficiencies and practice workflow. Orthodontic software innovations, whether for imaging and clinical applications or for managing the business side of a practice, have led the consistent need for more powerful(More)
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