Lisa M. Mueller

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OBJECTIVE This study seeks to compare the effectiveness of Veterans Health Administration's (VHA) transitional work experience (TWE) services and a minimal but common intervention-job placement (JP) services, for veterans with co-morbid substance and psychiatric disorders. METHODS We conducted a random clinical trial comparing work outcomes for 89(More)
The current study provides naturalistic data documenting the pathways-to-care to vocational services for 155 veterans who were receiving some form of mental health care from the Veterans Health Administration and had a vocational need but were not currently enrolled in vocational services. Of the participants, 94.2% had recognized their vocational need,(More)
Vocational services (VS), particularly supported employment models, have clear advantages for assisting adults with severe mental illness (SMI) in returning to the workplace, but a majority of eligible individuals with SMI do not receive any type of VS. The reasons for nonparticipation in VS remain poorly understood, and the potential contribution of(More)
PURPOSE The influx of young adult veterans with mental health challenges from recent wars combined with newly expanded veteran education benefits has highlighted the need for a supported education service within the Veterans Administration. However, it is unknown how such a service should be designed to best respond to these needs. This study undertook a(More)
This paper is a small component of my dissertation on protest participation in Africa. Since off-the-shelf data do not allow me to address my primary research interest (how political entrepreneurs strategically target aggrieved people and provide them with mobilization goods), the goals and findings of this paper are very modest. Most of my dissertation(More)
Are supposed " pro-democracy " protests really about democracy? This paper compares the salience of political and economic grievances in Niger, a country that recently experienced mass demonstrations amidst a famine and President Mamadou Tandja's attempt to defy the constitution and seek a third term in office. Using original survey data from a random(More)
In this random-assignment trial, we evaluated the efficacy of using a contingency management (CM) intervention to enhance job acquisition and tenure among participants of a vocational rehabilitation (VR) program. The CM intervention offered participants cash incentives up to $1,170 for completing tasks related to sobriety and job search and maintenance.(More)
Work plays a significant role in how people identify themselves, and successful return to work is associated with significant psychological and rehabilitative benefits. Unfortunately, despite the many benefits of employment, Veterans who experience mild traumatic brain injury and have mental health issues often have significant difficulty getting their(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated three domains of job burnout (emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal accomplishment) and factors associated with burnout in a national sample of peer specialists (PSs) employed at 138 Veterans Health Administration (VHA) health care systems in 49 states. METHODS Data were drawn from an observational study in(More)
OBJECTIVES Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) peer specialists and vocational rehabilitation specialists are Veterans employed in mental health services to help other Veterans with similar histories and experiences. Study objectives were to (a) examine job satisfaction among these employees, (b) compare them to other VA mental health workers, and (c)(More)