Lisa M. Lane

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CONTEXT Healthcare data suggest that the incidence and severity of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in hospitals are increasing. However, the overall burden of disease and the mortality rate associated with CDI, including the contribution from cases of infection that occur in nursing homes, are poorly understood. OBJECTIVE To describe the(More)
Dynamic single-photon emission computed axial tomography (CAT) with inhaled xenon-133 was used to measure regional cerebral blood flow in 10 drug-free patients with DSM-III-diagnosed panic disorder and in five normal control subjects. All subjects underwent regional cerebral blood flow studies while at rest or during normal saline infusion and during sodium(More)
BACKGROUND Obese asthmatics tend to have poorly controlled asthma, and resistance to standard asthma controller medications. The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of pioglitazone, an anti-diabetic medication which can alter circulating adipokines and have direct effects on asthmatic inflammation, in the treatment of asthma in obesity. (More)
Two xylanases, xynA of Bacillus pumilus and xyn II of Trichoderma reesei, were purified and then modified by the attachment of pentaammineruthenium, thereby resulting in the generation of a xylanase with veratryl alcohol oxidase activity. Hydrolytic activity of T. reesei xyn II on soluble xylans was unchanged by modification with pentaammineruthenium;(More)
The primary aim of this study was to prospectively investigate whether there was an association between the duration of post-operative catheterisation and the incidence of bladder spasm in children following ureteric reimplantation surgery. A secondary aim was to investigate whether other surgical and post-operative factors had an effect on the incidence of(More)
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