Lisa M. Gargano

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INTRODUCTION A number of studies published by the World Trade Center Health Registry (Registry) document the prevalence of injuries sustained by victims of the World Trade Center Disaster (WTCD) on 9/11. Injury occurrence during or in the immediate aftermath of this event has been shown to be a risk factor for long-term adverse physical and mental health(More)
BACKGROUND A humanitarian emergency involves a complete breakdown of authority that often disrupts routine health care delivery, including immunization. Diarrheal diseases are a principal cause of morbidity and mortality among children during humanitarian emergencies. The objective of this study was to assess if vaccination against rotavirus, the most(More)
convened a conference entitled Factors in Emerging Infectious Diseases in the Southeastern United States. Over the past 3 decades, more than two thirds of emerging infectious diseases have had an origin in animals (1). The Conference featured more than 20 presentations focusing on the impact of global migration, climate and weather changes, and ecosystem(More)
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